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Stuck In A Pipe!


Posted By: Debra, Las Cruces, NM - 5/18/2017
Pet Name: PriscillaSpecies: CatBreed: DSHSex: Female

One day our precious Priscilla just disappeared in June 2015 when she was 6 years old. I got her when she was a kitten. We immediatley thought the worst. Two months after Prissy disappeared I got a voice mail on my phone while at work from a man asking if I had a cat named Priscilla and if so, to call him back.

I couldn't believe it! When I talked to the guy who found her, he thought she was a kitten she was so small. He and his girlfriend were going to keep her. They took her to their vet to get her checked out and they scanned her and discovered she had a chip and a Momma who loved her a LOT! This man was so sweet. He asked me if I still wanted her because if not he would keep her. Of course I made arrangements to go get her as soon as I got off work. Well.. we went to his place to get her and she had escaped! She was hiding in a PVC pipe on the ditch bank just behind this man's house. I got on one end and my husband got on the other and when I called her she came running into my hands. She was a bag of bones but loving and ALIVE. We took her to our vet the next day. She weighed only 4 lbs. She had lost half her body weight! She stayed in the kitty hospital getting refed, hydrated, and treated for coccidiomycosis for 3 days. She did great! Now she is a little butterball. She still goes outside but never wanders far! I would have likely never seen Prissy again had it not been for the microchip! If you love your pet, get him/her chipped!


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