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Posted By: Carlos , Las Cruces , NM - 6/17/2017
Pet Name: Sassy Species: DogBreed: Siberian HuskySex: Female

When my puppy, Sassy, snuck out of the yard my neighbors notified me right away, but when I came out to get her someone in a gray truck had already picked her up! My wife immediately reported her story to HomeAgain and other pet services, but Sassy was still missing weeks later. I was starting to lose all hope! 

Eventually, I received a call from someone who found Sassy and scanned her HomeAgain microchip. They contacted me and were very helpful through the whole process. Now my family and I are happily reunited with our little Sassy.

I'm so thankful to HomeAgain and I'm glad I choose to microchip Sassy or else I probably would've never seen her again!


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