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Posted By: Tayla, Renton, WA - 6/14/2017
Pet Name: GrahamSpecies: DogBreed: Rhodesian RidgebackSex: Male

My Ridgeback mix, Graham, wandered off from our backyard on Monday before eating his dinner. I spent the entire night and the next day searching for Graham, but with no luck. I decided to contact HomeAgain, who was able to create Found Pet Flyers with Graham’s photo and information, that I shared throughout the neighborhood. Graham’s story reached a lot of people!


After continuously searching, I finally received a call from someone who found Graham in their backyard. Thankfully, the kindhearted family who found him fed him and when we arrived, Graham was delighted to see us! My family and I are so gracious for the people at HomeAgain and the family that found Graham who helped us in our time of need!



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