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Roxy Reunited!


Posted By: Delio, Miami, FL - 1/10/2017
Pet Name: RoxySpecies: DogBreed: German Shepherd DogSex: Female

HomeAgain services are the best. My dog, Roxy, ran away today and after driving all over the neighborhood and asking every one I saw from the mailman, repair guys, to the sanitation workers etc. I asked everyone I saw nearby. However, no one spotted her until I received, not one but two phone calls from HomeAgain about her sightings. I was so relieved! My faith was fully restored after I got those calls. The rescuer took the time to get Roxy into their front yard and keep her safe until I went to get her. At first she was scare but then she came to me and now the story ends in a good and happy tone. She is fine and she is Home. My trillion thanks to every one involved especially HomeAgain! Thank You!


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