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Rogue Went Rogue


Posted By: Darene, Anacortes, WA - 5/25/2017
Pet Name: RogueSpecies: CatBreed: OtherSex: Male

We went away for the weekend to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday out of state. We had a friend checking in on the house and animals; we have two cats, two ducks and six chickens. They let out the indoor/outdoor cats around noon on Sunday as we thought we'd be back before dark. We didn't end up back until about midnight, and none of our cats were in site.


The next afternoon our cat, Ash, came back, but Rogue was still MIA. We live a few blocks from the green belt, and two days after he went missing the police put out a notification to keep all domesticated animals indoors because of all the coyote activity. We thought Rogue was a goner for sure. Three days shy of one month, we received a call from HomeAgain! Rogue had been staying with someone two blocks away, and when they went to go adopt him, his HomeAgain microchip was scanned, and we were notified shortly after! My two small boys were ecstatic that their brother was back! Thanks to the amazing people who found Rouge and kept him safe and HomeAgain, we’re one big happy family again!


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