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Reunited After 5 1/2 Weeks!


Posted By: Alexis, Chapel Hill, NC - 5/6/2017
Pet Name: BarnabasSpecies: DogBreed: French BulldogSex: Male

Our Frenchie went missing on March 29th after he was let out accidentally without his collar. Not one to wander, we figured he was in the nearby area. We spent the entire night searching endlessly for Barnabas, but to no avail. We then reported him missing on HomeAgain, but still heard nothing for the next five weeks.

We never stopped and kept searching. We tried to remain hopeful but after finding no trace of our Frenchie for over a month, we were starting to lose hope. That’s when we received a tip from a Good Samaritan who had seen our HomeAgain flyer and spotted our Barnabas! We went to the location, had police with us and with the help of the police recovered our dog! Barnabas being microchipped with HomeAgain was also a huge plus because it helped in proving that he was, in fact, ours!

We are truly amazed at the support and feel so fortunate to have been reunited! Barnabas is now soundly sleeping cuddled up in his bed right next to me as a write this. I was not sure he would ever be returned and we are so incredibly thankful for the help of the police and the Good Samaritan who helped bring him home to our family! Our hearts go out to all those who have animals missing. We hope our story can help others and wish you all luck in finding your missing loved ones.


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