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Pup On The Run!


Posted By: Judy, Tega Cay, SC - 6/1/2017
Pet Name: LuluSpecies: DogBreed: ChihuahuaSex: Female

I was in utter disbelief when the grocery store employee told me that he saw Lulu escape from my car window that was slightly opened for ventilation. The employee told me that Lulu was trying to cross a very busy four-lane road near the interstate exit! I immediately called HomeAgain and explained the situation and they were nice enough to share our story and provide Lost Pet Flyers.

Soon enough, I received a call from a local business who recognized Lulu from the flyers and noticed her microchip. I immediately drove over and picked her up and had a joyful reunion! Thank you so much HomeAgain for your services, I may have never reunited with Lulu if it weren’t for you and those willing to help out others in need.


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