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Posted By: Michael, Huntersville, NC - 4/25/2012
Pet Name: CaesarSpecies: DogBreed: RottweilerSex: Male

Caesar (aka- Sugar Bear) and I had just relocated from Las Vegas, NV to Charlotte, NC. We drove to Chesapeake, VA to visit family and were staying at a motel that allowed pets. I had left Caesar in the motel room to go out with family members. When I came back to the motel, the door to my motel room was wide open. Immediately, I ran to the room and Caesar was gone. Caesar had always been able to open any door with a handle. It was raining pretty hard that day and I was in the parking lot crying like a baby and screaming his name. Realizing the label that Rottweiler''s have for being aggressive, and Caesar being unfamiliar with the area, I was very worried and I kept thinking the worse as I prayed that I would be reunited with him. While running all over the motel area, I received a phone call from HomeAgain asking if I had a dog named Caesar. I was informed that a couple was driving on the highway and saw Caesar almost get hit by a car. The couple pulled over and got Caesar to come to them and noticed that Caesar was wearing his HomeAgain tag. HomeAgain patched me in to the couple, who then gave me their location. I was so happy that this couple was nice enough to take the time to pull over and rescue a dog that is stereotyped as aggressive and dangerous. Caesar is truly a Sugar Bear and I am so thankful to have been reunited with my best friend. Again I would like to say thank you, thank, you, thank you to the couple that was generous enough to reunite a lovable Rottweiler with its owner.


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