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Our Sunday Drive


Posted By: Mari, Woodleaf, NC - 2/11/2017
Pet Name: MayhemSpecies: DogBreed: Parson Russel TerrierSex: Female

I had just purchased an old van the evening before and was driving home Sunday afternoon with my little May in the van. The back window was damaged but covered over and I had plans to fix it first thing next week. Just as I was crossing a major intersection at the edge of town I realized May had managed to jump out of the window! By the time I managed to get the van turned around and back to the intersection, Mayhem was nowhere to be found. Panic!At least she wasn't in the middle of road. I immediately called HomeAgain and reported her missing, then spent the next two hours driving around looking for May.Thanks to HomeAgain, within two hours she was located and I was contacted. A kind woman saw her almost immediately after Mayhem had jumped out and called her into the car. She received the notification sent by HomeAgain and soon I had my little girl safe and sound. I was both amazed and grateful for how quickly HomeAgain was able to unite me with my little Mayhem.


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