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Never Stop Believing In Miracles


Posted By: Stanley, Plantation, FL - 1/19/2017
Pet Name: PrincessSpecies: DogBreed: OtherSex: Female

For months, I was feeling lonely and depressed. I knew I needed someone or something to love, and nothing gives more unconditionally than a dog, right? I had been furiously searching for months without much luck. Late one afternoon I drove to the Humane Society. I was less than hopeful or enthused as all my efforts had been in vain so far. It took me less than five minutes to take a quick walk around the adoption area and saw nothing. As I was ready to leave, I went to the front desk to leave a donation. By chance, divine intervention of the Universe, Karma, or just plain luck, I happened to see this adorable thirty-eight-pound puppy behind the front desk in a baby enclosure. I merely assumed she belonged to an employee, and inquired who was her owner.

I was informed that she had been brought in for adoption literally within minutes of my arrival, and hadn’t even been registered in yet. It was her first birthday! Her owners had raised her as a puppy, giving her six weeks of private training but unfortunately the Husband landed a job in Europe and couldn’t take the dog. It was love at first sight. We went to a quiet area, and instinctively sensed there was something very special about this dog. Under the circumstances, she was cool, calm and collected. She responded to several verbal commands. I adored this animal and she was now going to be mine. Paperwork and formalities finished, I purchased a leash and collar along with a name tag “Princess” with our information on it. I transferred the microchip contact data with HomeAgain before we left.

Thank You God that I took the time to do this, because here is where the disaster begins. When I entered my driveway and went around to open the door to get her, holding the leash, all of a sudden she backed out of her collar and too off like Sea biscuit. I was standing there with her leash, collar and ID tags in my hand broken-hearted! She was gone, and I never thought I’d ever see her again. I was broken-hearted, and searched in vain for five days, driving endlessly for hours, using every possible mean available to find her.

The following Sunday, five days later, “The Miracle” happened. A twenty-year old young man noticed her in his backyard, filthy and starving. She had amazingly made it twenty miles away from my home. How she didn’t get run over is beyond me. This young saint, realizing she was famished actually took the time to cook her a steak. He then gave her a bath and took her to the vet to get her HomeAgain microchip scanned. To say that I was in an utter shock was an understatement when I received that phone call. Within days we became inseparably best friends. She follows me everywhere, doesn’t leave my side, and of course I never take my eyes away from her when we are out. I take her to Happy Tails park every morning. I taught her how to swim, and we go to Snyder lake twice a week. She is now only twenty-months old but extremely wise beyond her years. Our bond is amazing! I registered her as an Emotional Therapy Animal and we go to drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities several times a month, giving advice to young people in crisis.

We are now in the process of getting her certified as a Service Dog so I can share the love and joy she has given to me, with those who are less fortunate. We call them “Rescue Dogs,” but in reality, at least for in my experience, she is the one who rescued me! I will forever be grateful for all the help! “Never Stop Believing in Miracles.


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