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My Lucky Penny!


Posted By: Debra, Austin, TX - 2/22/2017
Pet Name: PennySpecies: DogBreed: OtherSex: Female

Our Side gate mysteriously opened and Penny got out of it sometime during the day. When her daddy, Mac, got home he could not locate her and called me. I went on to the HomeAgain website and reported her missing. What we did not know was that we had put the wrong collars on our dogs after their last baths so Penny was wearing Amy's collar. A wonderful neighbor, John, found Penny and called HomeAgain. HomeAgain called Mac and told him a neighbor had found Amy. He was already distraught so had to go in and confirm Amy was laying on the sofa at home. John was trying to give Mac information about Penny when they got disconnected. HomeAgain called me and I got the information from our neighbor and called home to tell Mac where he could go find Penny. Well, Penny was happy and also apprehensive when he called out to her because she knows she is not supposed to cross the street; she knew her daddy would not be happy. Penny loves other people and other fur pups so I am sure she loved being with John and his four legged baby! Of course, Mac was ecstatic because he had found his baby girl! We cannot thank our neighbor John and the HomeAgain service for helping us bring Penny back home to her two BFF's, Amy and Murphy! We are going to be sure John knows how appreciative we all are to be reunited with our baby!


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