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Missing For One Year And One Month


Posted By: Jacqui, Houston, TX - 3/2/2015
Pet Name: PurrcySpecies: CatBreed: DSHSex: Male

Purrcy, my 3 year old tabby went missing in January 2014. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and didn''t come to greet me when I got home that day. I soon realized he was missing and researched every article/website/forum on what to do. I posted signs throughout the neighborhood, posted on every website I could find, went on daily and nightly foot searches, hired a cat profiler, and set up a "Kitty Buffet" with a game camera every night for 2 months. With no solid leads I gave up after about three months and was totally devastated. This last weekend I received a call from a clinic, they had Purrcy! Unbelievable! I went to pick him up and he looked exactly the same. A woman had caught him at a feral colony 4 miles across a major freeway and large park. I NEVER would have guessed to search that part of town. She renamed him Petunia (everyone thought he was a girl) and said she knew he must have belonged to someone because he was so sweet, so she took him to a clinic to have him scanned for a microchip. Sure enough, they found his HomeAgain microchip and contacted me immediately. No health problems were found, just a lot of fleas. He was a little wary when he first got home but he''s still the same lap kitty who purrs when I call his name. Hope he enjoyed his adventure because he won''t be going outside again! Thank you HomeAgain for making this reunion a happy one!


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