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Missing For Nine Hours


Posted By: Sharyn, York Haven, PA - 2/6/2017
Pet Name: DarceySpecies: DogBreed: OtherSex: Female

Our 7-month-old rescued beagle mix puppy, Darcey, ran off with her older sister on a cold, Monday early afternoon. Her sister, a large 3-year-old hound dog mix, found her way home after an hour, but the puppy wasn't with her. Despite 10 people searching the woods, driving around and talking to neighbors, Darcey wasn't found by sundown. Friends continued to search while I worked on the poster from HomeAgain. We were just in the process of printing the poster when my phone rang. Recognizing the HomeAgain phone number, I held my breath after answering. When the customer service agent told me she was connecting me to the person who had found Darcey, nine hours after she had gone missing, I cried so hard I had to give the phone to my friend, who worked together with my husband to get the details. Nervous and tired, Darcey had wandered onto the back porch of a home in our rural neighborhood, about half a mile away. Within 15 minutes, she was home eating, drinking and playing. The neighbor had used the HomeAgain tag on Darcey’s collar to identify where she belonged. Thank God we had put it on as soon as we adopted her! Thanks HomeAgain!


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