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Missing For Five Months!


Posted By: Mehgan, Oceanside , CA - 5/10/2017
Pet Name: WidowSpecies: DogBreed: BulldogSex: Female

Our precious English bulldog, Widow, is an escape artist and managed to get out of our yard five months ago. The first time she escaped, she wasn't chipped and we were so lucky to get her back just a few days later. That's when we decided to get her chipped with the HomeAgain and believe it or not, she escaped again two months after being chipped. We looked for her for months and our only hope was that a good Samaritan would find her and take her to a vet or shelter to be scanned.

After five long months, we received a call informing us that Widow had been found! When she escaped five months ago another person had taken her as their own pet, but our little runaway got away from whoever had kept her. A kind family found her and brought her in to our local humane society.

Today, we were reunited with our precious Widow and we couldn't be happier! She is a little overweight and in need of vet care for her eyes so our relief to have her home and provide her with the care she needs is overwhelming. If it wasn’t for that kind family who rescued, I don't believe we would have ever seen her again. A special thanks to HomeAgain for getting her back home!


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