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Posted By: Deb, Independence, KY - 3/31/2017
Pet Name: HollySpecies: DogBreed: Golden RetrieverSex: Female

Holly is a very sweet dog except when it comes to squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits. I suspect that she chased one of these out of our yard and into the road by our house. I wasn't really paying attention as she is usually curled up at my feet under my drafting table or computer desk. I didn't realize she was gone until dinnertime, about an hour after a kind stranger had picked her up and started the process of trying to find her home. A neighbor pointed her to a subdivision near our home, saying that there was a family there with a Golden. So this kind woman spent a couple hours trying to find Holly's home while I remained oblivious to the fact that she was missing. She gave up but not wanting to leave Holly to spend the night outdoors in the rain and storms, this wonderful person took her home, fed her, and let her sleep with her daughter. Meanwhile I had put up a lost dog notice on HomeAgain as Holly is microchipped and I pay the annual fee just in case something like this happens. I also posted on Facebook. A friend of Holly's rescuer posted on Facebook as well. This woman, Nina, contacted HomeAgain too and I received an email alerting me that someone thought my Holly had been found. HomeAgain gave me the phone number and I sent a text because it was really early. She then reached out to the woman who had taken Holly in and her husband called HomeAgain who set up a conference call to connect us. After talking to him, I knew they had my girl so I got directions from him and went and picked her up. Prayers answered!! All this reaffirms my confidence in microchipping and HomeAgain's efforts to reunite animals and their people. The outcome could have been so much worse than it was. I am eternally grateful to the wonderful woman who picked Holly up and to the person who stepped in front of an SUV who was not going to stop and would have hit Holly. I am grateful to the woman who helped bring everyone together via FB and HomeAgain. Just an amazing example of how good people are.


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