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Four Months Missing!


Posted By: amber, Pittsburg, CA - 2/8/2017
Pet Name: diamondSpecies: DogBreed: PitbullSex: Female

On October 15th 2016, I woke up to a phone call from a vet saying someone had brought Diamond in as a missing dog, and the HomeAgain microchip identified me as owner of course. It was early in the morning and to my knowledge my dog wasn't missing. Well my husband had been doing yard work and unfortunately he thought Diamond was in the house but she was in the back yard and got out of our gate.

I started sending flyers through every website possible including HomeAgain. I searched every county. Every day online and two days a week in the local shelters in person. I never lost my hope! I cried a lot and couldn't stop thinking what happened to her. Why hasn't she shown up. The holidays passed and still no word on our beloved diamond. I went to the shelter to see a dog who looked like diamond but as usual it was not her. I called my mother. Crying and she said she has to be out there somewhere. I said I hope she finds a way to escape and come home. The next morning the north bay humane society called and told me diamond had been found! I jumped for joy screaming diamond is coming home! I was in tears of joy! The microchip finally worked! She finally was found and turned over to us!

I jumped in my car and crossed that bridge so fast. I signed the papers and ran over to the kennel where Diamond was.  She was smiling ear to ear and wagging her tail in so much excitement to see us! I hugged her so hard and she licked my tears! Most beautiful moment shared with my fur baby. Diamond dashed to the car and got in smiling still, as she loves her car rides. We got home and she jumped on my daughter's bed and kissed all the kids on the face. She has been so happy. Watching movies with the kids, going on our daily runs, car rides, and all the love we give each other has been endless. After almost 4 long months, a piece of my heart is back in my home. Thank you HomeAgain! Owners: always microchip your pet! It is a true lifesaver!


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