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Finding The Princess


Posted By: Suzanne, Glendora, CA - 6/1/2017
Pet Name: PrincessSpecies: DogBreed: Golden RetrieverSex: Female

When I went outside to look at the work my new gardener did, I discovered my dog, Princess, was missing! I was so surprised and worried when I learned that the gate was left open. I tried to convince myself that Princess couldn’t have gotten far or was maybe even hiding somewhere, but I knew deep down that I couldn’t fool myself. I began searching the neighborhood and knocking on doors, but Princess was nowhere to be found.

My next step was calling HomeAgain. HomeAgain reassured me that everything would be okay and generated Lost Pet Flyers for me to post all over the place. This gave me a bit more hope that Princess was still out there and would be back in my arms again.

Thankfully, I finally received the call that Princess was found. I learned that Princess was spotted and taken to a local pet hospital where she got her microchip scanned. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me find my baby, I’m forever grateful.


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