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Breaking Routine!


Posted By: Rose, Cincinnati, OH - 6/20/2017
Pet Name: ScullySpecies: DogBreed: PitbullSex: Female

For the last five years, Scully and I would follow our daily routine of walking outside every Tuesday morning. But one Tuesday, Scully broke routine. I looked away from Scully for one second to wave “hello” to a neighbor, but when I looked back Scully was gone! I called for her on foot around the block and then began driving in search of her, to no avail.

I was devastated that she could be gone forever. I decided to contact HomeAgain and the local SPCA to notify them of her running away. After an hour, the local police station contacted me and said they had picked up a friendly dog and brought her back to the station. The HomeAgain microchip information lead her back to me! I am so grateful that she was found safe and returned to me quickly.


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