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Bracey The Marina Dog


Posted By: Catherine, Bracey, VA - 6/24/2017
Pet Name: BraceySpecies: DogBreed: Terrier MixSex: Female

Bracey is a stray that wandered into our household two years ago and comes to work at our marinas with us. There was never any concern that Bracey would escape the marina until the day it happened. Even though we were very concerned for Bracey’s well-being, we felt a little reassured knowing that she was chipped and wore a collar with our phone number.

We searched for Bracey around places nearby the marina and informed HomeAgain of what happened, but we couldn’t be sure that someone would find Bracey or even report her missing. HomeAgain assisted us in creating Lost Pet Flyers and we made sure to share them online as well.

Luckily, a friend of a friend posted about a missing dog and we soon realized that the dog photo was our Bracey. Soon enough, we received a call from HomeAgain who told us that someone scanned Bracey’s chip and found her. We didn’t think that we would see Bracey again, but thanks to the help of HomeAgain, this Good Samaritan, and the power of social media our marina dog is finally back where she belongs.


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