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A Remarkable Reunion!


Posted By: Leigh, Palm Harbor, FL - 1/19/2017
Pet Name: MaverickSpecies: DogBreed: German Shepherd DogSex: Male

My husband, daughters and myself were on vacation in New York City and our dogs were staying with my parents at their home. I called everyday to make sure all was well. Then on a rainy Sunday morning my Maverick decided to dart out the door when my mom was trying to take out the smaller dogs. My parents were frantic and called in neighbors and family to help with the search. Meanwhile I knew nothing until I called to check in. I couldn't reach my mom and my dad sounded strange. It wasn't til I spoke with my brother that I learned that Maverick had run away. He had never done this before or since then. He's extremely close with me and all signs seem to point to the fact that he was trying to get home. The neighborhood he was found in is a short cut I drive through on my way to and from my parents. Maverick is often in the car with me. He crossed a busy four lane road, in the rain and I am forever grateful to the man who found him. He was able to steer him away from a very busy highway and into a stranger’s garage. He was an extraordinary person because not many people would even approach a stray German shepherd. Once he realized Maverick was not aggressive he loaded him into his van and took him to an emergency vet that was open. Thank God Maverick was micro chipped with HomeAgain because without it I'm not sure what would have happened as his regular name tag was not on him. Since we were out of town I missed the HomeAgain phone call but did receive an email from them that Maverick had been found. Luckily I was on my phone and checking emails that morning. I immediately called "Paul", the wonderful stranger who found Maverick and put him in touch with my parents and they were reunited. Thank you HomeAgain!!!


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