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A Neighborhood Stroll


Posted By: Tina, Raritan, NJ - 6/30/2017
Pet Name: TimmySpecies: CatBreed: DSHSex: Male

Timmy is an outdoor kitty but always comes back home to us for snuggles and meals. However, after being left out one night Timmy disappeared! When he didn't come back for two days I knew something was wrong. I reported him missing with HomeAgain and we posted the HomeAgain flyers all over our neighborhood in addition to calling the local police and animal control. Every night, we would go out and call his name but we were greeted by silence.

Eventually, one of our neighbors noticed a cat saunter into his yard and he immediately recognized that it was Timmy from the HomeAgain flyers! Thank goodness our neighbor noticed and alerted us to Timmy’s whereabouts. We are so incredibly happy that Timmy came back to us and we can’t thank HomeAgain enough for their part in helping find our kitty!


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