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A Joyful Reunion!


Posted By: Whitney, Baltimore, MD - 7/15/2017
Pet Name: BradySpecies: CatBreed: DMHSex: Male

When we moved to a new neighborhood, we didn’t expect that our gray cat Brady would manage to escape through the front door. We searched for him everywhere, but to no avail. Eventually, I notified HomeAgain who was kind enough to provide us with Lost Pet Flyers that we could spread throughout the neighborhood. HomeAgain even printed these flyers out using fluorescent paper which many neighbors spotted immediately!

After driving back and forth from numerous shelters, we received a call from someone who found Brady thanks to the Lost Pet Flyers. Without Brady’s HomeAgain microchip and the Lost Pet Flyers we might have never seen our baby again! We are very happy to have Brady again and we cannot thank HomeAgain and our Good Samaritan enough for their parts in Brady’s return home.



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