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Spot The Cat Survives Being Hit

One night we could not find our cat Spot, then the phone rang. It was Animal Services calling to tell us that Spot had been hit by a car and had been taken to an emergency vet. Fortunately, he only had bruises and a broken jaw which was able to be repaired, and he's recovering well. He always wears a collar with a name and address tag, so we thought that was how they knew how to reach us. However, he was found without his collar on, and it turned out that it was his microchip which allowed them to reach us. If he had not had this chip, we would never have known what happened, and Spot may have had to be euthanized. Home Again also contacted us to tell us Spot had been found and to tell us who to contact. We are very happy that this service works so well. Thank you!

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