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Reunited Again

Gino has been part of this family for eight years. A couple of days ago I made the mistake of letting him out the front door and I walked away for a few minutes. What a mistake on my part. He wandered off and I was frantic. I searched the entire neighborhood and could not find him. My granddaughter was so upset and I felt terrible. Fortunately, a couple of months ago when I took him to the vet, I got him the HomeAgain microchip. So, I completed the online Lost Dog notification. Today I received a call on my cell phone from HomeAgain who stated that Gino had been found. I was ecstatic and the representative was so nice. The HomeAgain representative did a three way call and I spoke directly to the neighbor who found my precious dog. It turns out he wandered off just a few blocks away and had been hit by a car. The neighbor saw him next door to her home under some type of awning. She was able to coax him into coming to her and saw the HomeAgain tag. I am forever grateful. She gave me her address and I now have my sweet Gino again. He is now at the vet hospital and will undergo surgery for a fractured hip. The vet says he will be OK.

When I walked into the vet office, there was a big poster of the Lost Dog Notice that HomeAgain faxed to the vet hospital. I will never let him out of my site again. Thank you HomeAgain for the emails regarding things I could do to find Gino and the faxes or notices you sent out to all the nearby vet offices. You are wonderful and I highly recommend the microchip to every pet owner.

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