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Pet Found In Medellin, Colombia

Through a weird string of events I lost my poor little Chihuahua that I've raised since birth in the hustling and bustling city of Medellín, Colombia. Yes, my dog means so much to me that even though I've decided to dedicate myself to non-stop travel, I take him with me wherever I go. Except for that fateful night. I thought he was sleeping in the back of my Volkswagon Westfalia Motorhome. At least he was the last I saw him. But he must have had the same cravings to explore this world as I do, and slipped out while I was setting the van up to drive across town.The door was probably open for only a few seconds and in retrospect, I have no idea how he slipped out without me noticing.But he did. And I didn't really notice that he was gone until after I made a half hour trek across town. When I arrived I was terrified that I'd never see him again.

I searched high and low, made fliers, attempted to ask everyone in the neighborhood in my broken Spanish if they'd seen him. I even started a Facebook and Twitter campaign to get the word out that he was missing. All of those efforts were NOT what brought him back to me. He was discovered several miles away from where I lost him by a man named Jorge, who noticed him cowering under some bushes. He had gotten into a bit of a fight with a very big dog and was bitten pretty bad. (It required stitches and his skull was cracked open). Jorge noticed the HomeAgain tag on his collar and although he spoke no English, called the USA and luckily was able to connect with someone who spoke Spanish. The message was then relayed to me. I honestly had thought my poor little Tweek was going to be lost forever so you can imagine the relief when a call from the USA via Google Voice delivered the great news that he had been found. I honestly doubt I would have been reunited with my little friend if it wasn't for HomeAgain.

You really came through when I wasn't even residing inside the USA! Thanks!

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