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Our Missy Returned

We recently adopted our little Yorkie. She had her dog license, a tag with our information, and a HomeAgain tag. Somehow she got out of our yard on December 14th and went across the street to the park. We looked and looked but couldn't find her. I handed out over 200 flyers. I put a flyer in PetsMart and the clerk said she saw my dog. A girl brought her in and was bragging how she found her at the park the same day and time Missy went missing. I searched for two weeks.

On December 29th I got a call from HomeAgain. They said they found Missy and she was at the vet. She apparently got a bladder infection and the girl took her to a vet. The vet told me it seemed suspicious and that you don't just find a Yorkie, it belongs to someone. They took Missy and scanned her and called HomeAgain. It was my dog. Had it not been for the HomeAgain microchip I would never have found Missy. I am also thankful for the wonderful vet that was smart enough to scan her. She received a notice from HomeAgain that Missy was lost which put them on alert. I am so happy to have Missy home! Thank you HomeAgain! If you don't have a microchip in your pet please get one. Not everyone out there is honest enough to give you your pet back.

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