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My Mischievous Pups Are Home Again!

My backyard gate had developed a rather large gap over time. I love all three of my little criminal dogs, and one of them staged a jail break. Two of my three dogs were gone by morning. When we ...

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HomeAgain Fliers Save Suzie!

While staying at a campground in Livingston, Montana, I was walking our two Chihuahuas on leash when they were attacked by two larger dogs. In Suzie’s frantic attempt to escape, she jerked out of her ...

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A Twelve Hour Drive For Luna

We were in the process of moving out of state when Luna ran off her leash into the woods while we were getting into the car. I fell and couldn't keep up with her, she was gone in seconds! I posted ...

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Fireworks Spook Lana

On July 4th we were at a friends house for dinner and fireworks. I heard my phone ring at around 10pm and let it go to voicemail. During our drive home I checked the message and was shocked to hear ...

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Aida Goes AWOL

Aida absolutely hates the lawnmower. She used to bark at it, but now she usually retreats a safe distance away from it. One summer evening, I was mowing the lawn with the doors open. When I finished, ...

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Slithered Through A Narrow Door

We adopted our Sheyna from a shelter in Wildomar, California six weeks ago. Thankfully, the shelter had implanted a HomeAgain microchip in Sheyna before we took her home. The other day Sheyna got out ...

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A Day In The Life Of Dee-O-Gee

Our little Dee-O-Gee is quite the adventurer. One day while we were occupied with cleaning the house, Dee-O-Gee got out through a hole in the fence and went exploring. When we found out that ...

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Pegasus' Four Day Adventure

Our furbaby Pegasus, got out of our yard on a Wednesday morning, so I called HomeAgain when we couldn't find him. The HomeAgain representative was amazing and directed me where to go on the website ...

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