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Sadie Returns

Our precious girl, Sadie, somehow managed to escaped from our fenced yard one night. We were devastated when we found out she was missing and we searched for hours. Thanks to Sadie's HomeAgain ...

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Missing For Three Years!

Our family lost our precious furbaby, Dodger, in December of 2011. We searched all day and all night, but to no avail. Our children were devastated and we actually lost hope after months and months ...

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Found Hiding In A Snowblower!

We adopted our rescue pup, Chaz, three weeks ago. Earlier this evening our son let him out in the yard while we were away from home. For some reason Chaz got spooked and ran out of the yard through a ...

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Missing For Weeks!

My sweet cat, Biscus, was missing for several weeks. We thought she had been attacked by a coyote or another wild creature in our area. Today I received a call from the animal shelter informing me ...

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HomeAgain Microchip Brings Nina Back

When my precious furbaby, Nina, went missing, someone found her and took her to the closest vet. The veteranarian scanned her for a chip and found her HomeAgain microchip. She immediately called to ...

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Pretty Is Found Two Years Later!

In November 2012, my precious furbaby, Pretty, ran out of the yard. I reported her lost to HomeAgain, used the HomeAgain Lost Pet Posters that were provided and posted them around the neighborhood. I ...

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40 Miles And One And A Half Ye ...

Every month I would read HomeAgain's reunion story and cry because one of my Shih Tzu's was lost. My furbaby, Faith, ran out an open door at a family member’s house while we were on vacation two ...

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Lola's Three Day Adventure

HomeAgain’s Lost Pet Alert system is awesome! Less than 24 hours after filling out the Lost Pet form, I received the call that brought home my precious Lola! Lola was missing for three days and ...

Read Lola's story

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