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Slippery Peanut Butter

We rescued Peanut Butter from our County Animal Shelter on March 7th 2015. She is the sweetest little girl ever! Our one year old daughter loves her to bits. So when Peanut Butter slipped out of our ...

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Giggsy Returns Home

We lost Giggsy on Easter Sunday. We searched for him around our neighborhood and could not find him. After spending a whole day searching, we had given up hope and thought he was gone forever. I ...

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Max Goes Missing

I don't know exactly how our when Max got out, but when I realized he was missing, I didn't know what to do. After panicking a bit I realized that Max is microchiped with HomeAgain and contacted them ...

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A Pup Scouting For A Playmate

My puppy, Arya, is a playful gal. She was outside when she saw some children walking home from school passing by my yard. She somehow managed to escape from the yard and ran off, following them some ...

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A Chip Goes A Long Way!

On the evening of March 25th, I had company over and someone left the gate open, so Casper decided to go on an adventure. After my company left, I went around turning off lights, locking up the ...

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Our Guard Dog Is Back Home

We received a call that someone found our dog and was going to return her. I was out delivering more flyers to the vets in the community when I got a call from my husband telling me the great news! ...

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Chasing After Chase

We were reunited with our dog thanks to HomeAgain! Our dog Chase, has been restless when he's outside ever since our other dog passed away. We've had to watch him carefully because he sometimes would ...

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Lost On Vacation With No Collar!

If your dog is lost do not give up because HomeAgain microchips give you an excellent chance of finding your dog. My family and I were on vacation visiting relatives when I lost my 5 pound baby. My ...

Read Tyger's story

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