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Emily's Home Again!

Our tiny, beloved Chihuahua, Emily, escaped from our yard when my husband was weed-wacking. She wasn't wearing her collar and we weren't exactly sure how long she had been out. We were scouring ...

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Lucky Layla

My poor Layla was lost twice in this last year and I am happy to say that thanks to HomeAgain, she is was found. My roommate accidentally let my precious girl out-- twice! Both times she was found ...

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Cat's Out Of The Bag

Six months after my brother moved, his tortoise shell colored furbaby, Torti, went missing. Apparently, when my brother donated a bag of belongings to the Salvation Army, he accidentally dropped off ...

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Found My Shadow

We were sick with worry about our little five-month-old kitty, Shadow. After he bolted out of the house, we searched for days! I immediately contacted HomeAgain and they were generous enough to ...

Read Shadow's story

Finding Hank

I've been a customer of HomeAgain for 8 years now and never truly believed that I would ever need them. A week after we moved to a new house, one of our dogs Hank, pulled out of his collar and got ...

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Henry And The Chipmunk Hole

Henry is a gregarious indoor-outdoor cat. We live in a very safe neighborhood, and he often goes into neighbors' yards to visit, lounge, or explore. In very nice weather, he has been known to pull a ...

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Home Because Of HomeAgain

My precious Cody was picked up with no collar and only his HomeAgain microchip for identification. I spent the next 26 hours desperately knocking on doors and hanging flyers and crying. The person ...

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Ginger's Five Day Fiasco

Our Baby Ginger walked out of the house through a backyard door inadvertently left open, on Sunday evening. We didn't realize she was missing until Monday morning! My husband immediately contacted ...

Read Ginger's story

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