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Frantic Search For Sadie

We were playing with our new pup, Sadie, when she got loose and ran after a runner. The runner didn't realize he was being chased by our girl and he continued to run all the way to his gym! We ...

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Lost Molly

Molly has been our little girl in a home with two other boy's (Mini Schnauzer's). My husband was taking her to get groomed and right before they got to the door of the store she slipped out of her ...

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Reunited With Rolo

Our precious furbaby, Rolo, got lost on Friday. A good Samaritan found Rolo in the middle of the road and was able to catch him before he could get hurt by any passing cars. Unfortunately, he didn't ...

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When my precious furbaby, Tarpon, escaped, I was devastated! That was the worst week of my life! I immediately hung up posters in my neighborhood and searched for him relentlessly, but to no avail. ...

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Reunited After Four Weeks!

After letting my precious kitty, Puma out as I usually do, he didn't return home! I've been searching for almost 4 weeks now and finally received a call from HomeAgain! A sweet lady saw my ...

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HomeAgain Brings Noodles Home ...

The moment I stepped out of the car after getting home from work on Wednesday night, I knew that something was off. Noodles, my loyal cat, was not there to greet me with his boisterous meows at the ...

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Brucy Finds A Friend

I have a very energetic male boxer who loves to run and play. Every chance he gets, he runs me over and runs right out of the house, where he proceeds to the woods. At about 5PM, my roommate ...

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My Two Escape Artists

I have two Siberian Huskies, Loki and Ash; they are my world! Knowing that they are prone to miraculous escapes, I got both of them microchipped with HomeAgain early on. I didn’t have a problem, ...

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