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Missing For 19 Hours!

Our indoor kitty, Bodhi, went missing when he ran out an open door at 5am. He was spooked by the loud thunder and darted out the door, as I was just on my way to work. After searching all morning, I ...

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Our Buddy Returns!

On the evening of March 24th, our precious Buddy went missing. He must have slipped out through the fence in the backyard when we weren't looking. For the next eight hours, we combed the entire ...

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Simba's Home Again Thanks To V ...

We recently moved to a new neighborhood with our kitty, Simba and our pup, Cece. Simba is an indoor/outdoor cat and always comes home in time for dinner, but one morning Simba didn't show up! We ...

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Lucky Gaucho!

When we discovered that our precious little guy, Gaucho, slipped out, we were filled with grief. I have to say, I am so impressed with HomeAgain, because we contacted them immediately after we ...

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Gone For Nearly A Year!

After our white German Shepherd, Alli was missing for almost a year, we received a call from the police department informing us that they had picked her up! We were dumbfounded! After missing for so ...

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Lost Without A Collar!

Our furbaby, Gus, disappeared from our backyard after we let him out to pee. When we first noticed he was gone, we combed the neighborhood calling his name. Frantic, we reported him lost on the ...

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Escape Artist Returned Home!

My Labrador/Border Collie mix, Lewis, is a very good jumper and is very good at finding spots to jump over my fenced in backyard. So after letting him out to go to the bathroom, I was surprised to ...

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Bella's Back!

Last night at 6pm, our precious furbaby, Bella, got away from me after seeing a squirrel. I contacted the local shelter immediately. Then I remembered that Bella is microchipped with HomeAgain, so I ...

Read Bella Acevedo's story

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