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HomeAgain Helped Me Find Sage!

I had just dropped my furbaby, Sage, off at the dog-sitter's house before driving to the airport for our trip to Seattle. Our clever little guy just leaped their fence right before we boarded our ...

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A Wonderful Miracle

Yesterday I received a call from a local vet hospital informing me that my precious furbaby, Barley, was turned in. The crazy part? Barley went missing at the end of May, which was 6 months ago! ...

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Gizmo Lost On A Trail!

I lost my little Gizzy on a hiking trail. He started to bark and then ran off chasing after a rabbit. After searching for 7 hours I finally headed home and sent an alert to HomeAgain. The next ...

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Jake Takes The Cake!

I found Jake 3 years ago, abandoned at a truck stop. He recently decided to go for a walk on his own and I went frantic searching for him. I had almost lost all hope of finding him, but then I ...

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Calvin Is Found After 344 Days

One day my little trouble maker, Calvin, managed to escape. I spent day after day searching for him, hanging up lost pet flyers, posting on social websites and even searching the neighborhood, but to ...

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Penny The Cat Is Found After 3 ...

Today is an amazing and happy day. Three months after she disappeared, our furbaby, Penny, has come home! She was found by a family a few miles north of us last night in the rain. When they scanned ...

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Mercedes' Highway Scare

Our little Mercedes was out in the backyard with her Dad when she disappeared. Apparently, she got out through a hole in the fence that lead to a major highway. When we discovered that Mercedes was ...

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Bosco Survives!

Bosco got out of our yard and was gone for about 6 hours before I received a call from my vet saying they had him. While he was out, he got into a fight with 2 other dogs and was injured. If it ...

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