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Found Tom

Thanks to HomeAgain for providing us with tools and tips for our lost cat, Tom. HomeAgain sent out emails and flyers that helped lead our Tom home. Thank you HomeAgain.

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An Answered Prayer

Apollo went missing at the end of February when a door didn't latch and popped open in the middle of the night. We searched for him for half the night, and called the shelters and HomeAgain. ...

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Microchip Brings Toby Home

We are blessed that Foothills Animal Shelter had our dog Toby and that Toby is now at home with his Scottie brother, Angus, and us. His HomeAgain microchip was the secret in locating Toby baby. We ...

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Saved By The Chip!

Earlier today, my furbaby, Toni, wiggled off his leash and made a mad dash for a squirrel. Having lost my Mom recently, Toni, has been one of my rocks. So when I thought I'd lost him too, I was ...

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Juicy Comes Home!

I was going away on vacation and I left my dog Juicy with a neighbor for a couple of days. When I returned, my neighbor was no where to be found and I could not reach him. After frantically looking ...

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Our Champion Returns!

Our two dogs went missing on March 29th in the afternoon. We did a lot of searching and came up with nothing but a lack of sleep. One of our dogs, Midnight, found his way back at the house while we ...

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A 7 Mile Journey

It was a very windy night when I let Riley and Bandit out in the backyard while I was making dinner. A couple of hours later I went to let them back inside the house, when I notice that the backyard ...

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Lily Is Safe And Sound!

My 84 year old mother recently came to live with us. She is a bit forgetful at times, so when she went out on the back deck with our dog Lily to smoke, she accidentally left her outside. When we ...

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