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Missing For 12 Nights

Clo Clo and her siblings were rescued by my Boyfriend and I. Since she started off life a little rough, with bad nutrition, we decided to keep her as an Indoor cat as we lived in the city. Clo Clo ...

Read Cleopatra "Clo Clo"'s story

Our Sweet Honey Bee

Honey Bee escaped a 6' foot privacy fence where she was staying while we were on vacation. Thanks to HomeAgain, we immediately started handing out pre-made Lost Pet Flyers and posted hundreds of them ...

Read Honey Bee's story

Julia’s In The Neighborhood

Julia wandered off and was not seen for two months. Out of the blue I got a call from HomeAgain. Julia was found on the next block in a backyard with a neighbor that had been feeding her. Julia ...

Read Julia's story

One Flight Up

Came home on day to find Igor had lifted our window screen and decided to take a look outside. Our second cat, Lily, is more scared and she stayed inside thank God! We search the building and the ...

Read Igor's story

Found My baby

My precious baby, Diamond, wandered for 3 days by herself before a Good Samaritan found her and took her to the vet where she was identified through her HomeAgain microchip. I was so happy when I ...

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Out For A Walk

Mitzie Lee managed to escape through a detached fence, early one morning. She was found by fellow dog lovers and taken into a home with a few other dogs and cats to keep her company. The couple ...

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Carter The Cat

The other night my sister opened the door and Carter ran out. I spent hours looking for him. Walking around everywhere trying to find him. I couldn’t sleep without him by my side. Carter was left ...

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Buttercups Return

I want to thank HomeAgain and my neighbors nearby for the loving and caring support during the stressful time of Buttercup missing. So many people stepped up to the plate in finding my precious dog ...

Read Buttercup's story

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