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Bella's Back!

Last night at 6pm, our precious furbaby, Bella, got away from me after seeing a squirrel. I contacted the local shelter immediately. Then I remembered that Bella is microchipped with HomeAgain, so I ...

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Furry Friend Found

About two years ago, I came home early from work on an unusually warm day in April. The sun was still out and I wanted to give my furbaby, Charlie, extra time to play. When I got into my first floor ...

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Reunited With My Sweetheart!

After shortly moving into my new apartment, my cat Bella, somehow managed to get out through the front door without anyone seeing. Since she was in a new environment and area, she had no idea how to ...

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Stabler Is Home!

One day our precious pup, Stabler escaped. We spent days searching for him, but to no avail. Fortunately, a very nice young lady found my dog wandering aimlessly in a grocery store parking lot. She ...

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Spice Makes It Home!

We've been having our bathroom remodeled with the contractor going in and out of our back door. We left the gate open so the contractor could easily access his truck. Meanwhile, my wife had just ...

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Jett The Thanksgiving Miracle

Our precious furbaby, Jett, went missing on a Saturday afternoon in November. He snuck out while the family was unloading groceries. Since he was just bathed, he wasn't wearing his collar, so there ...

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Found After Nine Years!

My furbaby, Oliver, was taken from our yard on Halloween in 2006, nine-years ago. We had reported him missing to HomeAgain immediately and throughout the years have kept the HomeAgain information ...

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Missing Since April!

After missing for seven months, we thought we would never see our cat, Sam, again! We truly tried everything we could to find him, from putting up HomeAgain Lost Pet Flyers, to visiting local ...


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