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Fireworks Spook Ginger

Our little girl, Ginger, went missing after some fireworks went off close to our neighborhood. She was so terrified that she jumped the fence. We were desperately searched for her for days but to no ...

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Believe It Or Not, Ripley Escaped!

For Father's day, my family and I went to my in-laws, leaving my furbaby, Ripley, in the house. It was something new we were trying, but had done at least 15 times before with no problems. We were at ...

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The Three Musketeers Together ...

During this last Christmas my (now) 4-year-old, MaryJane, got out while being watched by a family friend. We thought we'd never see her again and after she was missing for 4 months, we defiantly ...

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Otis Lost In The Big Apple!

My husband and I recently adopted two beautiful puppies, Annie and Otis. They were found homeless in South Carolina and we adopted them through Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue. Annie and Otis are ...

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Mama Mia

I was having construction done on the house when my girl, Mia,decided to venture out. She is an inside cat and I take her out, in the backyard, on a leash. Well, this time she got out and was missing ...

Read Mia Felina's story

Fred Found Five Weeks Later

My precious kitty, Fred, was lost for more than five weeks. I was devastated and had done everything I could think of! From hanging up HomeAgain Lost Pet Fliers to visiting vet offices, but to no ...

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Buddy Of Queens!

Last summer was off to a great start and it was life as usual around our home until we received a surprise phone call from HomeAgain. The HomeAgain representative told us that someone found our dog! ...

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Against All Odds

Abbey, our English Pointer, was only in her newly adopted home a short while when she got away from us and went exploring. We live in a heavily wooded area with a few highways nearby and were panic ...

Read Abbey's story

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