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Sam Slips Out!

Last Thanksgiving we helped our daughter and her family move into their new home. Our 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Sam, also went with us. The grandchildren went out to play with Sam and my ...

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Bella Lost On Vacation

While we were staying at our vacation home with our precious furbaby, Bella, we left to run some errands. What we failed to realize was that the front gate was open, so when we arrived home later ...

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Finn Is Finally Found!

My furry Finnegan was a new addition to our family last fall. My daughter had rescued him at college from a neglectful owner and we ended up inheriting him permanently. It was love at first sight! ...

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My Sweet Boy Is Home!

My precious boy, Rowdy, went missing last night around 9 p.m. I didn't realize he was missing until around 5 a.m. this morning. I searched for him frantically and for the next four hours, I walked ...

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Milo Is Home Again!

When Milo went missing, I was devastated! I immediately began putting out flyers and calling shelters, but I got no replies. After contacting HomeAgain and reporting my furbaby as missing, HomeAgain ...

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Bella's Adventure

When we returned from our vacation we noticed that our precious Bella hadn't come home like she normally does. I contacted HomeAgain immediately to report her being lost. I spent the next three weeks ...

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Stolen But Found

One day my precious furbaby, Merlin, was stolen from my back yard. I was frantic and extremely sadden that someone would do this. I wondered if he was freezing when it was cold out; I wondered if he ...

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Mia Returns Home!

HomeAgain microchips are the best for your pet. My Mia got out of our fence on a Friday. I reported her being lost immediately with HomeAgain. I printed out the Lost Pet Flyers that HomeAgain sent me ...

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