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Stolen But Found

One day my precious furbaby, Merlin, was stolen from my back yard. I was frantic and extremely sadden that someone would do this. I wondered if he was freezing when it was cold out; I wondered if he ...

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Mia Returns Home!

HomeAgain microchips are the best for your pet. My Mia got out of our fence on a Friday. I reported her being lost immediately with HomeAgain. I printed out the Lost Pet Flyers that HomeAgain sent me ...

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Home In Less Than 24 Hours!

When I first got Murphy, I was asked if I wanted to have him microchipped with HomeAgain and I thought that I didn't need it because I am a responsible pet parent. Yet, something in my gut was ...

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Blind And Lost

I have been chipping my dogs with HomeAgain, never expecting to need the service. Emily was the last dog I expected would need the service. She had been blind for 3 years and never wandered, but then ...

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Lost In Yosemite National Park!

We went to Yosemite National Park for a day with our two girls and decided to bring our furbaby, Odie, with us. On the way out of the park we got a flat tire. When I tried to change the tire in the ...

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Best Christmas Present Ever!

My family and I adopted our kitty, Gilbert, through PetSmart. We brought him home and he and my, then 2 year old son, instantly loved each other. One day Gilbert went out the doggy door like he ...

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Snowy Day Pet Rescue

I recently took a trip to Puerto Rico to surprise my grandmother for Three King's Day, so my tiny little Diego had to be left back home under the care of my boyfriend. Nine o'clock came around and it ...

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Moki Gets Lost In The New Year ...

Our little Moki went missing on New Year's morning after being spooked by all the fireworks. We frantically posted fliers and ads on Facebook, fearing that with all the traffic from the Rose Parade, ...

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