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HomeAgain Saved Rosey

We were at a friend's house and Rosey ran through a crack in the door when we opened it. Rosey saw a rabbit in the yard and kept running and must've lost her way since she's not very familiar with ...

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HomeAgain Really Cares

In 2009, my son's dog Achmed, ran off after a rabbit. Achmed was 9 months old but always stayed in the yard and house. Many tears were shed and we spent several days searching for him. By day 8, I'm ...

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Lost for 76 Days

After going out on May 20th, my cat Patchy didn't come home. He always did before. We reported it to Home Again and looking for him in the woods near my home, checking with the neighbors, nothing. We ...

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2 Years Later Penelope Is Home!

Penelope is a deaf white boxer who went missing in October of 2014. This morning I got a call from HomeAgain saying that Penelope had been taken to an OKC animal. What a happy reunion!! Thank you ...

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Finally Found After Seven Years!

Diesel was lost seven years ago, we had lost hope and have since rescued other dogs. He was never forgotten since he was my son before I had an actual child. My son was around a year of age when we ...

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Heaven Sent A Cavalier

My dad, Tom, was killed in Mexico in December 2013. I did not know where his dogs ended up as he lived in Arizona and had two Cavaliers and a German shepherd. It was February 2015 when I got an email ...

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We Got Our Dog Back

Thanks to Home Again we got our dog back! When a couple caught our dog in their yard after 27 hours of being lost, they used the tag to find out to whom him belonged. They got our information ...

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Salem's Trail

Salem went missing on a Tuesday night in June. Wednesday morning his brother Atlas came home, no sign of Salem. He is only 11 months old and super duper curious! My Kids and I made lots of HomeAgain ...

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