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Puddles Is Found

One day I got into an accident and was taken, by ambulance, to the ER at a local hospital. A friend if mine volunteered to pick up my dogs and take them to a friend's house (my dogs had never met ...

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Oh Bella!

I came home from work exhausted one day, completely forgetting to close the gate. My precious furbaby, Bella, got out and I had no idea until hours later. I immediately started searching for her and ...

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Eve's Home Again!

My family and I were moving across town into our new home, when Eve, my 4 year old, Min Pin got startled and ran off. I didn't know what to do other than roam the neighborhood calling her name. I was ...

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Home From The Zoo!

While my father was taking my dog for a walk, my furbaby, Rascal, got out because the door didn't close correctly; this happened back in August 2014. As the weather got colder, I began to worry ...

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Box The Cat Comes Back

I got my cat, Box, from a friend when he was just a 2 month old kitten. It was decided that he would be an indoor cat. We spent every day together, playing and doing chores around the house. I did ...

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Scooter Lost...Then Found!

When Scooter wandered up the street to visit the nearby apartment building (without his collar and id tag as I'd taken it off him to brush him earlier), a kind lady named Gerri took him in to the ...

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Buddy, A Most Remarkable Cat!

I adopted Buddy when he was 3 months old from a rescue shelter. From day one, I never saw a cat with so much personality. BIG purr, greets me at the door every time, super playful, and would let me ...

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Lucky Charlie

I gave Charlie to my mother when my landlord would not let me keep him back in November, 2014. After two days with my mom, he ran away. We searched for him but didn't find him. In February, 2015 ...

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