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Brucy Finds A Friend

I have a very energetic male boxer who loves to run and play. Every chance he gets, he runs me over and runs right out of the house, where he proceeds to the woods. At about 5PM, my roommate ...

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My Two Escape Artists

I have two Siberian Huskies, Loki and Ash; they are my world! Knowing that they are prone to miraculous escapes, I got both of them microchipped with HomeAgain early on. I didn’t have a problem, ...

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Lost For Forty Nine Days

One day I arrived home to find that my kitty, Buttons, was missing! I called out her name and left food out for her, but days soon turned into weeks and Buttons was still missing. Finally, after an ...

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Rosie Gone For Days

Our precious Rosie had escaped a few days ago and we were absolutely heartbroken to discover that she was missing. After searching for days and handing out HomeAgain Lost Pet Flyers, we thought that ...

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I Got My Baby Back!

My precious girl, Bella, is my pride and joy, so when I came home to an empty kennel and an open backyard door, my world crumbled. Due to someone setting off firework right next door, my girl became ...

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Fourth Of July Runaway!

My precious furbaby, Rasta, ran off on the 4th of July after being spooked by fireworks. We spent hours searching for him, but to no avail. The next day we printed out flyers to hang up around the ...

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Fireworks Spook Ginger

Our little girl, Ginger, went missing after some fireworks went off close to our house. She was so terrified that she jumped the fence. We desperately searched for her for days, but to no avail. ...

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Believe It Or Not, Ripley Escaped!

For Father's day, my family and I went to my in-laws, leaving my furbaby, Ripley, in the house. It was something new we were trying, but had done at least 15 times before with no problems. We were at ...

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