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Buttercups Return

I want to thank HomeAgain and my neighbors nearby for the loving and caring support during the stressful time of Buttercup missing. So many people stepped up to the plate in finding my precious dog ...

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Reunited 8 Years Later!

In 2008, my son and I had two adorable furbabies. Max and Johnny. While having visitors over our door was inadvertently left open and our little guys got out. We did everything- searched the rescues, ...

Read Johnnyboy's story

Buddy Is Back

It started on Labor Day when my nephew's mother came to pick up her son and accidentally left the gate open. That’s when Buddy and our other dog got out. Like most dogs, if they get out of the yard ...

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Aspens Adventure

My kitten Aspen ran away shortly after I had gotten her spayed and microchip at six months old. I called HomeAgain to report her missing, left litter outside the door that smelled like her, hoping ...

Read Aspen's story

Found Lying On The Shore

Jake had suffered a poisoning from consuming e-cigarette fluid someone had left at our house. The outcome from the poisoning resulted in blindness, four days in a coma and 6 days in ICU. In the end ...

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HomeAgain Saved Rosey

We were at a friend's house and Rosey ran through a crack in the door when we opened it. Rosey saw a rabbit in the yard and kept running and must've lost her way since she's not very familiar with ...

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HomeAgain Really Cares

In 2009, my son's dog Achmed, ran off after a rabbit. Achmed was 9 months old but always stayed in the yard and house. Many tears were shed and we spent several days searching for him. By day 8, I'm ...

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Lost for 76 Days

After going out on May 20th, my cat Patchy didn't come home. He always did before. We reported it to Home Again and looking for him in the woods near my home, checking with the neighbors, nothing. We ...

Read Patchy's story

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